Cleanroom / Sterile Cleaning


CINI’S provides trained professionals to clean pharmaceutical grade cleanrooms as per your desired frequency and maintenance protocols. You can either opt for our full cleaning program or keep us as a supplement to your in-house cleaning system. 

We specialize in establishing specific cleaning routines that best fit your cleanroom areas. Our sterile cleaning service includes

Grade A, B, C and D Pharmaceutical Level Cleaning

We offer different grade cleaning options that are applicable in different pharmaceutical settings according to the Australian standards, TGA and OGTR requirements.

  • Grade A is the cleanest and most sterile level for sterile operations,

  • Grade D is appropriate for packing and support operations. Cleaning tools used in our procedures are made of woven polyester to minimize shedding or tearing.

Cleanroom gowning protocols are followed

We provide our employees with classroom training for gowning practices and other SOPs. This includes policies for aseptic areas, gowning procedures, and entry/exit procedures.  

Two-way bucket system and hydroflex system

We use a two-way bucket system for sterile cleaning. This system uses non-marring wheels and seamless buckets that separate clean and dirty water. That system helps to achieve best-cleaned surface separating the dirty waste solution from the clean solution. 

Cini's also specializes in cleaning using Hydroflex technologies, which allows to clean the surface in a single touch method to avoid any possible cross-contamination. Hydroflex system uses single microfiber mop for ceiling, wall and floor disinfecting. 

Cleaning of laboratory equipment

Cleanroom cleaning includes cleaning and sterilization of any lab equipment like laminar flow hood, PCR machines, centrifuge, etc. Other components like pass-through cabinets, pass-through ports, biohazard safety cabinets and pass out cabinets are also sterilized. 

We offer our services for large as well as small pharmaceutical facilities. We recommend periodic thorough sterilization of your cleanrooms including all the removable parts, surfaces, and equipment to ensure a good laboratory environment. This will not only reduce the wear on the lab equipment but also provide better safety to you and improve your lab operations.


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CINI’S has been providing an exceptional level of cleaning services since 1995. Since then, we have become the leading cleaners for commercial and pharmaceutical settings.

Our focus is to listen to our clients, understand their needs and provide the exceptional level of cleaning service.


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